Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients achieve success by innovation and leveraging technology. At OvalEdge we strive for perfection and focus on client’s success by providing them innovative solutions and dedicated services.


At OvalEdge Inc we are always innovating new products to solve various industrial problems.


Our Maximo Mapper is redefining Maximo spacial sector which give power to Maximo to do spacial analysis within Maximo without any third party software. This software can be installed on top of Maximo without major customization.

Data Analytics Work Bench

We are contributing to open source community by building open source data analytic work bench. Once developed this solution will redefine the analytic sector where corporation would be able to do data modeling without any expensive software licenses.


Maximo is our first love, we have profound understanding of its architecture and how to implement it at various industries.


We are dedicated to make Maximo implementation successful at reasonable price. We understand client problem area and guide them towards their goal.


We have very deep understanding of Maximo business functionality and its architecture. Our consultants have implemented many Maximo implementations and have expertise in all aspects of Maximo.


Our consultants are professional, we know what are we doing and can be a trusted partner. We can work with clients  IT partner companies and their business users.


OvalEdge Inc is building an Big Data open source analytic workbench for forecasting complex business cases.

Open Source Contibution

OvalEdge is developing a Big Data Analytic Workbench for a open source community Saarus for various business cases.


Using Saarus platform, organizations can do massive computing and forecasting at fraction of cost.

Why OvalEdge

OvalEdge founder is also a co-founder of Saarus and have access to variety of telent to solve your unique business case.

What’s new in blog

OvalEdge Inc is proud to announce its partnership with Hortonworks We are excited e are […]

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