Import Data, Find Data, Govern Data & Deliver Insights – With One Data Lake Toolset

Import Data


Find & Explore Data

Find & Explore

Govern Data

govern data

Deliver Insights

deliver insights & ETL

OvalEdge is a complete data lake toolset that empowers both novice and experienced analysts to find & explore big data and build powerful insights quickly.

The all-in-one solution features easy-to-use tools to import structured and unstructured data, organize it logically into a Smart Catalog, and then transform the data into insights. Plus, it includes governing tools to limit access by role, column, or datasets.

Start Using Your Data Lake Immediately

Within a week, anyone can use OvalEdge to explore and uncover data to create impactful insights

Chief Data Officer

Chief Data Officer

manages and governs the entire data strategy

Business Analyst

Business Analyst

analyzes business with excel skills & business knowledge


Data Analyst

analyzes data with her data programming skills


Data Scientist

predicts about business with his statistical skills

Our Partners and Customers

Peer Insights

  • "What it would otherwise take me about a year to achieve, I can get it done by using OvalEdge in 2 months!"    --  Chief Data Officer of a Large  Business Services Company 
  • "You have answered almost all my questions and allayed my  fears about the implementation of a data lake."
    -- VP, Analytics of a large consumer goods manufacturer
  • "Earlier I spent 70% of my time looking for data and now with OvalEdge, I spend only 5% of my time in data search!" --  Business Analyst, Healthcare Industry 

  • "The data dream we sell, OvalEdge fulfills it!!"             --Major Hadoop Vendor

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Deposit all kinds of data into the data lake

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Use the smart-catalog to find any data you want

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Only the right eyes see the data

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Explore data through relationships

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Use drag and drop tools to join, clean, and combine data

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Data Pipeline

Monitor the data pipeline and its workflow


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