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OvalEdge provides a painless and immediate way to start using – and keep using your –  big data. It enables all levels of analysts to dig deep into your data lake and generate business insights, in days. No coding required. Nor waiting for IT.

OvalEdge combines multiple tools – data catalog, self-service ETL and collaboration tools – into one easy-to-use platform.  Anyone with Excel skills can understand trends, identify opportunities, and gain deeper perspectives. Sophisticated users can even build recommendation or predictive engines.

Use OvalEdge to unlock your data lake and create the “ah ha” moments today.

Our Executive Team

  • Sharad Varshney, CEO
    Sharad Varshney, CEO

    Visionary, self-starting, high energy, entrepreneur, and technology executive. Technology Headline puts him in a list of 50 Successful Indian Entrepreneurs in US. Before OvalEdge, he was a principal architect with Hortonworks. He has a Nuclear Engineering degree from IIT Kanpur in India

  • Ankur Rana, President
    Ankur Rana, President

    Technology entrepreneur, investor, and fine executor. Before OvalEdge, he has successfully built multiple companies. Before that, Ankur was a Senior Account Manager for L&T Infotech and HCL. Ankur holds a diploma from the Tuck School of Business and an MBA from Kennesaw University in Atlanta.

  • Keith Heffron, CFO
    Keith Heffron, CFO

    Keith is an experienced CFO who has worked with companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar companies.  He holds an MBA from Colorado State University and over 30 years’ experience as a CFO.

Our Advisory Board

  • Becky Blalock
    Becky Blalock Former CIO, Wiley Author & Speaker

    Becky is an IT thought leader, sought after speaker and author of best-selling book DARE.  She is also a former Senior VP and CIO of Southern Company.

  • Brian Shield
    Brian Shield VP, IT at Boston Red Sox

    Brian has over 25+ years of technology experience and 18 years as a CIO and CTO in diverse industries.  He is highly skilled in leading and building exceptional teams, creating world-class digital products.


  • Arvind Malhotra
    Arvind Malhotra Senior VP, Tech Mahindra

    He is on the Board of several of Tech Mahindra subsidiaries. He also leads Tech Mahindra Advisory Board in the US that includes CXO’s from several of the large clients. He has an MBA from the University of Michigan.

  • George Mashini
    George Mashini President and CEO at Catavolt

    George is the CEO of Catavolt, a leading provider of cloud mobility services for the enterprise.Under George’s leadership, Catavolt was acquired by Hexagon AB, a public company and the world leader in smart IoT solutions.

  • Leslie Sibert
    Leslie Sibert VP, Distribution at Southern Company

    She also served Georgia Tech Electrical and Computing Engineering Advisory Board with various other boards. She holds BS in Engineering from Georgia Tech.

  • Shri Parikh
    Shri Parikh VP, Mölnlycke Health Care

    Shri is VP, Sales & Marketing at Mölnlycke Health Care. His forte is strategic selling, business planning and developing tactical/strategic goals to accelerate sales growth.

  • Molly Burke
    Molly Burke General Counsel, GE Energy Services

    Molly is General Counsel at GE Energy Services. She has taken her law degree from Harvard Law School. Molly is multi-faceted. She also puts her legal expertise to use in a lot of community service and is a diver at Georgia Aquarium.

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