Benefits of a Data Catalog

The primary benefit of a data catalog is that it acts as a single source of reference for all one’s data needs in an organization. OvalEdge catalogs the entire data of various databases, file systems & visualization software. It creates a knowledge base of data by human curation and various data, machine learning and code parsing algorithms.
1. Data Democratization
  • Provide access to data to everyone
  • Communication/collaboration on data
2. Knowledgebase of entire data portfolio
  • Profiling algorithms to quickly answer most common questions
  • Documentation on Data.
3. Combined toolsets
  • Query tools
  • Documentation tools
  • Governance tools
4. Algorithms to organize data
  • Machine Learning algorithms to tag data automatically
  • Relationship algorithms to find relationships
  • Code parsing algorithms to understand relationships and lineage
  • SQL query logs parsing to understand relationships and lineage

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