Data Literacy: What it is, Why it’s Important for Data Governance, and How it Can Benefit Your Business

Data literacy ensures all data users within an organization are educated to a level that enables them to consume data with confidence within a specific business context.

Data Discovery: What it is, Why it’s Important for Data Governance, and How it Can Benefit Your Business

Data discovery is a vital part of data governance involving the transparency of dispersed and complex data sources, access to these sources, and the collection of data from these sources.

Data Governance in Primetime Due to Flawed COVID Study

The World Health Organization and several national governments changed their COVID-19 policies and treatments on the basis of the study published by The Lancet and NEJM (The New England Journal of Med

Data Governance Tools: Capabilities to Look For

Organizations are heavily investing in a data governance initiative to help ensure their data delivers business value. A successful data governance initiative depends on careful planning and the right

Framework of Data Governance

Understanding the framework of data governance is the vital first step in data governance. It includes policy making, managing data roles and more.

Data Governance: What It Means and What Are Its Drivers

If there’s anything that’s defining thriving businesses today, it’s a strong understanding and strategizing the use of a company’s data.   However, it brings up a whole range of ques

Getting Started with OvalEdge Data Catalog

This guide helps you to navigate through various features and functionality of OvalEdge. It will help you to get started with OvalEdge quickly. Basic Navigation The first step is the user login. Use y

How to Start Doing Data-driven Supply Chain Optimization

What is Supply Chain Optimisation (SCO)? A supply chain is the sequence of processes and activities involved in the production and distribution of a commodity to the ultimate consumer.

A step-by-step guide to build a data catalog

What is a Data Catalog? A data catalog helps companies organize and find data that’s stored in their many systems. It works a lot like a fashion catalog. But instead of detailing swimsuits or shoes

Data Analytics unravels the secret of Oleg’s popularity on LinkedIn

Q. What is the secret of Oleg's popularity on LinkedIn? LinkedIners would surely like to know the answer to this question. Oleg Vishnepolsky is a LinkedIn influencer

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