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How OvalEdge compliments Data Governance

By Sharad Varshney, Posted October 13, 2017 In Data Governance

How OvalEdge compliments Data Governance

Data governance (DG) is a set of processes that ensures important data assets are formally managed throughout the enterprise. Data governance ensures that data catalog can be trusted and that people can be made accountable for any adverse event that happens because of low data quality and data breach. Through data governance, organizations establish formal processes and responsibilities for ensuring the quality and security of internal data and data catalog. The data governance process aim to build a strong foundation for business intelligence and also to maintain compliance with data-oriented regulations such as security, financial regulations, BCBS 239, CCAR Solvency II, and so on. In a nut-sell; looking at the dataset, a table or even a file properly, you’ll indeed get to know all about the data set, like where it was shared or accessed and who accessed it or so on. Hence, data governance is essentially about the past. But Ovaledge makes Data Governance futuristic. By using OvalEdge, you will get several ideas about questions that can be asked – is it possible to join datasets with other datasets, If you did join, how will it look like; all these and more. Indeed, OvalEdge compliments Data governance. Data Governance is now more about:
  • Auditing
  • Lineage
  • Access Control
  • Integrations
OvalEdge is an all-in-one data toolset, which other than Data Governance also helps you in:
  • Importing and Exporting Data
  • Finding and Exploring Data through Smart Catalog relationships
  • Delivering insights and ETL
  • Visualization
OvalEdge takes Data Governance to a new level because now you can have an understanding of the past and be proactive about the future.
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