Deliver Insights
Using drag-and-drop tools, analysts can combine and analyze data sets to understand trends, identify opportunities, and deliver insights. They can also leverage best practices to explore the data and reshape it into different types of charts and views, including geospatial analysis. Here are snapshots of some of the various functions:

Excel Style UI

Build a SQL query with Excel-style user interface.

Prebuilt Functions

Choose functions for your analysis from hundreds of pre-built functions.

Geospatial ETL

Geospatial ETL

Now you can use drag-and-drop tools for complex geospatial ETL.
Monitor Jobs

Data Snapshot while building SQL

Details of your data are at your fingertips when you need it the most.

Data pipeline

Data Pipeline

Use drag-and-drop tools to see the data transformation pipeline.

Monitor Jobs.

Monitor jobs in real time.

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Deposit all kinds of data into the data lake

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Use the smart-catalog to find any data you want

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Only the right eyes see the data

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Explore data through relationships

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Use drag and drop tools to join, clean, and combine data

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Data Pipeline

Monitor the data pipeline and its workflow


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