More Data Sharing Less Red Tape

Don’t clutter your organization for security.  Provide the employees with versatile tools and technology to access and use data. Bolster data governance with clear-cut policies which delineate roles and responsibilities.  Bring into place security guidelines which are enforceable. Execute all the above with OvalEdge.
OvalEdge equips Chief Data Officers and other executives to take following measures effortlessly.

Chief Data Officer
Secure at the core

Enable your company to safeguard critical data and assets with a comprehensive and predictive approach.

Establish best practices

Establish practices like identifying data domains and the critical data elements within them.

Set & enforce policies

With the right data governance, you can set and enforce policies without micromanaging it.

Delineate roles & responsiblities

An operating model of data governance should have a complete description of data roles and responsibilities.

Manage metadata across the enterprise

Define roles and responsibility to clearly provide metadata description and tagging. Effective metadata management is vital in an enterprise as it provides the right context and description to data. Also, to understand and trust data, we need to understand its background – how the data originated, and how we have used it till now.

Establish Security Controls

Enable role-based author access control to provide access to data for everyone in the organization. Security control is about proactively capturing the full context of data, classifying what level of security is needed. Also, it is about establishing and adhering to the necessary controls, and implementing ongoing best practices. These practices ensure there is unhampered but monitored flow of data.

Set up alarms to notify SMEs about Data changes

Alerts can be set up to notify users about any changes to the data sets. For example, admins can write a business rule that if the metadata changes for a specific accounting data set, notify the accounting SME, John. Or if there’s a sizable data increase from the e-commerce database, then notify Susan in e-commerce.

OvalEdge provides dozens of pre-built rules.

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