Deep Insights are the reasons companies win

But what if all your company’s data is stuck in silos, or in a data lake that no one uses?

Enter OvalEdge.

It’s the all-in-one platform that makes creating insights, a snap.  It is the fastest way to leverage value from your data lake.

Top reasons why  companies choose OvalEdge

Eliminates reliance on multiple tools

OvalEdge enables your analysts to be entirely self-sufficient. You don’t need any programming skills to use this all-in-one data toolset (data catalog, ETL, and collaboration).

Works with any data lake

Works with any cloud-based data lake like AWS, Azure, Google data lake or Hadoop data lake like Hortonworks, Cloudera, MapR. We can help you build your own data lake, starting at $1000/month.

Easy to find relevant data

Even if you don’t know what you are looking for, it’s simple to find data because the catalog uses powerful algorithms that establish relationships between data within the data lake.

Easy data governance

Assign data roles  and responsibilities easily.  Manage security across the data lake using our role-based security model.

Little training required

With just a few days of training, your newest analysts can uncover deep and impactful insights for any business unit.

Leverage your own tools

While OvalEdge has plenty of drag-and-drop visualization tools, you can use other visualization tools too.

No Coding Required

Anyone with Excel skills can build insights


Data Lake Requirements

Q. What infrastructure do I need to use OvalEdge?

A. You need at least a 6-node data lake. It can be a Hadoop or cloud-based lake.


Q. Can OvalEdge help us build the data lake?

A. Yes. We can build a 6-node data lake for $1000/month (Processing is extra) and get your company ready to build insights in less than one week.


Q. Can OvalEdge work with an existing data lake?

A. Yes. OvalEdge supports both –  a Hadoop data lake, provided by Cloudera, Hortonworks & MapR and cloud-based lakes provided by AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.


Q. Can OvalEdge can speed up the ROI on a data lake implementation?

A. Yes. With our tools, you can generate insights within days.


Q. Can OvalEdge jump-start the data lake implementation?

A. Yes. With OvalEdge’s self-service tools, analysts can ingest the data, understand it, and transform it into insights, almost immediately.

Data Catalog

Q. How does OvalEdge categorize and identify data in its data catalog?

A. To categorize data, OvalEdge uses proprietary algorithms, based on Google’s page rank algorithm.


Q. How can my data analysts find data when they don’t know exactly what they are looking for?

A. OvalEdge uses natural search technology so analysts just have to describe what they are looking for, in everyday words.


Q. How does OvalEdge add additional data streams and data sets?

A. Analysts can add any data stream, in any format, using the GUI’s self-service tools


Q. Will I have to buy separate ETL tools?

A. No, OvalEdge has embedded drop-down tools to extract, transform and load the data.


Q. Can I use my existing ETL and visualization tools with OvalEdge’s data catalog?

A. Yes. We provide APIs for the data catalog to allow you to use your existing tools.


Q. How does OvalEdges’ included visualization tools compare to competitors?

A. OvalEdge has some basic visualization capabilities to showcase raw data. However, you can use Tableau, QlikView, and others to do visualization. It’s an easy export to just about any data format.


Q. What type of training does OvalEdge provide?

A. OvalEdge provides in-house training, based on customers’ needs.


Q. How long does it take to get up to speed on the OvalEdge tool?

A. Training is usually 1-2 days.


Q. What types of skills does an analyst need to use OvalEdge?

A. Anyone skilled in Excel should be able to use OvalEdge. No need to understand technical programming or SQL.


Q. What type of security does OvalEdge provide?

A. OvalEdge has role-based security. Admins can establish what data is off-limits to its users. It can also restrict the visibility of columns in tables to certain user (although the column may still be used for joins, even if it’s masked)

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