It’s easy to find data in OvalEdge’s Smart Catalog. This data catalog uses algorithms to read all the data on various databases, summarize it, and then catalog it intuitively.  In fact, the algorithms are based on Google’s PageRank algorithm. They build relationships and prioritize relevant data sets, so analysts don’t have to know what they are looking for or where it’s located. Search the entire data lake in a fraction of a second. Have a look at its various features.

profiling data


Smart Catalog marks relationships based on data along with metadata so that we get quality results. Lineage helps in understanding data better and also in governance.

data relationships

Entity relationships

See what relationship your object table has with other tables. Also, see the join score and similarity score.


See where the data in your object table is coming from.


Effective communication is pivotal for an organization. That is why OvalEdge has Chat and Wiki feature.



Put your communication in context, right where the data table is. This makes the communication easily accessible too.


Note crucial information about the table/file in the Wiki. Every file/table has its own Wiki.

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