Share your metadata with all business stakeholders
Use OvalEdge to write and enforce policies and controls to manage data access.

Simplify and standardize data definitions using the business glossary

Data professionals need business glossaries to standardize the business terms and clearly define them. Using OvalEdge you can easily manage these business glossaries and also find all the associated data dictionaries by using machine learning.

Clearly define roles and responsibilities like data owners, data stewards

Painless access to data is the foundation of data journey. But organizations also need to establish due processes for data access. Using OvalEdge clearly define roles and responsibilities. Data owners provide access to data to those who need it while data stewards manage the data quality and its proper definitions.

Manage data access through policies, controls, and workflows

Anyone in your organization can research data through a data catalog. Once they find the right data, they can request access from its data owner. Data owner can provide access for a few months. Once the data owner is satisfied with the created data product he can provide permanent access or provide due credit to business units.

Define data quality rules to improve trust of Data and enable effective decision making

Bad data may lead to ineffective decision making. OvalEdge provides a painless way to define data quality rules and manage the workflow for bad quality data. It is important to understand the impact of any change in a timely fashion before making crucial business decisions. You can use OvalEdge to define the policies around timeliness, data quality and then control the entire process.

Understand changes in the entire data portfolio and act on it

In your organization, data is ever changing. Developers are building new data products, these changes might impact the report you are consuming. OvalEdge can notify about these impacts to you.

Get reports about data usage and controls

Data usage is a key part of Governance. It's important to know which data is used for what purpose and its values. OvalEdge provides many Governance reports and you can customize your own reports. OvalEdge provides its own database comprehensive catalog which can be used to generate reports.

More Data Sharing Less Red Tape

Don't starve your
organization for data.

Start by sharing all the metadata, business glossary. Business users can use OvalEdge for searching and exploring data with metadata and automatically generated interlinking. Control access to data with clearly defined policies and process controls.

See OvalEdge in action

Draws Lineage

Draws Lineage

to show the complete data cycle


all your data


your data for easy retrieval


data for quick understanding
Marks Relationship

Marks Relationship

to show you the complete picture

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